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Farm (Coach Pitch)

The Farm Division is the first of NESLL’s five baseball divisions.  There are two divisions within Farm — Farm 1 and Farm 2.  The general gist of each:

General Info

  • Boys and girls age 7 and under (7U) as of August 31 (predominantly 1st graders)
  • Registration for Farm Baseball is open until March 15
  • Thirteen players per team maximum
  • No split games, as in tee ball (each matchup is a single game)
  • Parents select their teams based on coach familiarity, child’s friends, etc.  (NESLL will assign players to teams if they have no particular preference)
  • Practices begin late March
  • Games begin the third week of April
  • Two games per week during the season
    • One on a weeknight and one on Saturday (fourteen (14) games total)
    • Games begin at 6 pm on weeknights and 9:30 am and later on Saturdays
  • Noncompetitive games
    • No scoring
    • Six innings or ninety (90) minutes, whichever comes first
  • NESLL provides hats & shirts
  • Parents provide gloves, cleats, pants & long sleeve under shirt
  • Mandatory play
    • At a minimum each player must play six (6) defensive outs and have one (1) at bat.
    • The batting order shall be continuous and include all players on the team roster present for the game batting in order. Each player is required to bat in his/her respective spot in the batting order.


  • Coaches pitch to their own teams from about 40 feet from home plate
  • 6-8 pitches — after that, players hit ball off a tee
  • Bunting not permitted

Batting Order

  • All players bat each inning
  • Unlike tee ball, the ninth batter does not run the bases in total


  • Maximum of 9 positions players


  • On infield hits, runners may not advance past first base on throws to first that aren’t caught
  • On outfield hits, runners should stop once an outfielder controls the ball.  Inside-the-park home runs are discouraged unless the hitter crushes the ball past everyone.
  • No leading off
  • No stealing
  • Unlike tee ball, if a player is retired (s)he leaves the bases



Same as Farm 1 with the following exceptions:

  • Predominantly 2nd graders
  • Informal scoring
  • Each inning consists of three outs or five runs
  • No more tees: six (6) pitches maximum per batter.  If the batter does not put the ball in play by the sixth pitch, he is out unless the sixth pitch is a foul ball.
  • Post-season playoff tournament 

Go to Resources/Coach or download this Farm Division primer (2015) for more details.

For more information, please contact NESLL Help at:  (help at nesll dot net)

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