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Are you interested in a fun way to earn volunteer hours, earn cash, and have positive interactions with our local youth?  Please consider umpiring!  To be eligible you must attend an umpire training.

NESLL Field Mechanics Clinic - Sunday, March 19 1-3pm at Laurelhurst Park

Instruction in 60’ diamond plate mechanics, field mechanics, positioning, timing and communication

Pay Scale

Both home plate and base umps (paid same).
Pay Scale:
  • $45 per game – For Ages 16-24 (or DOE)
  • $30 per game – For Ages 12-15 (or DOE)
If interested, please email [email protected]

Scheduling Games

The Umpire-in-Chief will manage the umpire schedule to ensure game coverage.


Along with the official Little League rules, please review the NESLL local rules which can be found under Resources -> Forms.


Umpires need a solid understanding of baseball rules as written in the Little League rulebook.  Each umpire will be issued a current year rulebook.  Field Mechanics training covering positioning and signaling technique is required before an umpire works behind home plate.

Youth Umpire Program

NESLL’s Youth Umpire Program is intended to increase involvement of neighborhood youth in the game of baseball; increase the participant’s knowledge of the rules of the game; and enhance our community’s volunteer umpire resources. Active participants may earn community service learning hours or monetary compensation (start: $15/25/40 per game DOE and age). Our goal with this program, like all NESLL programs, is to give youth the opportunity to learn, succeed and be rewarded in a safe, challenging environment.

Interested youth umpires must attend umpire training provided by NESLL (no cost). NESLL will provide youth umpires with uniform and equipment. Youth umpires will work as field umpires until they become experienced and are authorized by NESLL’s Umpire in Chief to work behind the plate. Youth umpires will be assigned to games with more experienced umpires and will receive ongoing training and mentoring during the season.

For more details and to obtain an Agreement, please see the Youth Umpire Agreement in Forms and Documents.

NESLL Volunteer Background Check

All volunteers for NESLL, including umpires, are required to complete an official background check.  Once you request to umpire with our Umpire-in-Chief, you will be sent an email to fill out the online background questionnaire.

Umpire Commitment

Umpire training is scheduled annually in March or early April. The season begins in early-April and runs to mid-June. Minors and Majors teams participate in playoff tournament play in June, culminating in our league championship on the second Saturday in June. All-Star tournaments are in late-June through mid-July. NESLL is committed to providing umpires to all tournaments in which its teams play.
Each umpire should expect to work at least one game and are encouraged to work two or more games each week.  Lesser experienced umpires may wish to schedule National Division games or work with more experienced umpires before they work a Major Division game. Youth umpires will work only American Division games unless approved by the NESLL UIC or lead umpire to work in higher divisions. If an umpire is scheduled for a game and a last minute change is necessary, the umpire should verbally contact the UIC.

Umpire Uniform and Equipment

Umpire equipment is provided at each of the field equipment boxes. Umpires that attend the pre-season NESLL Field Mechanics session will be issued umpire shirts and NESLL umpire hats.
NESLL issues the following equipment:
·    Umpire shirt and hat
·    Chest protector
·    Shin guards
·    Face guard
·    Belt pouch containing plate brush and count indicator
·    Little League rule book
The following equipment is the responsibility of the umpire:
·    Protective cup
·    Pants (gray is the preferred color)
·    Shoes (black is the preferred color; reinforced toe recommended for Majors, umpire preference for lower levels; sturdy shoes recommended at all levels)
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