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NESLL’s softball program is designed for girls ages 7-14.  You can learn more about the details of each level by clicking the column heads in the table below, but the general gist is as follows:

Games101212-151515 -18
Player Age 17-88-99-1011-1212-14
Players/TeamUp to 13Up to 13Up to 13Up to 13Up to 16
Game Length3 innings5 innings6 innings6 innings7 innings
PitcherMachineKid PitchKid PitchKid PitchKid Pitch
Pitches6-8; then teeTBD
Batters/InningEntire teamEntire teamEntire teamEntire teamEntire team
Basepaths60 feet60 feet
UniformsVisor and shirtVisor and JerseyVisor and JerseyVisor and JerseyVisor and Jersey
All StarsNo9-10 (no 8’s)9-10 or 10-11 (Majors)10-11 or 11-12 (Majors)Juniors AS
  1.  Little League age is no easy subject.  Click the 2017 Softball Age Determination Chart for a table to determine your child’s softball age or see the table at the bottom of this page to determine your child’s baseball age.
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