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New to all this? 

Wondering which baseball or softball level is the right one for your child?  Check out our baseball and softball overviews.  (If your child is under seven, tee ball is where (s)he should probably be.)  Not sure if NESLL or a neighboring little league is the correct league?  Check out our Geography and Eligibility page.

On becoming a coach

Check out Coaches Resource page and follow the instructions.

On making your child a better player

Check out the Coach Resource page for helpful tips and drill ideas.  Also check out the Player Resource page for a list of private coaches and clinics, camps and organizations.

On age

Wondering about your child’s “little league age?”  For softball players, check out this table.  For baseball players, check out the chart at the bottom of this page 

Here’s a great article that sums up the age requirements.

On gear


A table of what your kids will need — and what NESLL will provide:

DivisionParents/Players ProvideNESLL provides
Tee Ball-Farm 2Batting helmet; glove; cleats; 5-gallon bucket to sit onTeam hats and t-shirts; bats; bases; safety equipment
American-JuniorCleats, practice socks, baseball pants, belt, protective cup, practice shirts (long- and short sleeve)Team hats, jerseys, socks (Coaches will also have team bats, helmets, catching/safety gear and balls)

Bat-buyers — make sure your bat is Little League approved and now must display the USA Baseball logo!  This is new for 2018.   And check out the chart below to determine the appropriate bat size for your child:

Sizing Chart

Miscellaneous “Parent” Documents

Parental Code of Conduct

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