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NESLL games are played at a number of parks and schools in and around Northeast Seattle:

  • Dahl Playfield.  Located at NE 80th Street and 25th Avenue NE; parking along 25th Avenue NE.
  • Greenlake, Located at Greenlake Way and Ravenna Blvd next to the Greenlake Rec Center; parking is not easy.
  • Laurelhurst Park. Located at 48th Avenue NE and NE 41st Street, one block south of Laurelhurst Elementary. “Laurelhurst 1” is the northeast field by the pedestrian overpass. “Laurelhurst 2” is the southwest field near the playground.
  • Lower Woodland Park. Located at Green Lake Way North at North 55th Street.
  • Mickey Merriam (“The Mick”). Field #9 in Magnuson Park. Enter through the south entrance at Sand Point Way and NE 65th Street. Proceed directly ahead and park in the parking lot off NE 65th Street. Be careful and look out for No Parking signs if you park on 63rd Avenue NE.
  • Sand Point, in Magnuson Park. Enter through the main gate at Sand Point Way and NE 74th Street. Proceed directly ahead and park in the large parking lot. This one can be tricky — looking at this map will help.
  • View Ridge Park Field NE, Located at NE 70th Street between 43rd Avenue NE and 45th Avenue NE.
  • Lower Jane Addams – The artificial turf field located to the South of Jane Addams off of 110th Ave NE.
  • Viewridge Elementary – This is the main baseball field on what is known as Upper Viewridge.
  • Upper Viewridge.  NE, NW, and SW.  These are the grass areas surrounding the outfield on the Viewridge Elementary baseball field.

Northeast Seattle Little League Field Use Policy

FIELD USE – Rain Out Hotline- (206) 233-0055

This is city wide information and due to the nature of Seattle weather your field may or may not be playable. If the Hotline list field closure-NESLL policy is that both Managers report to the field 1 hour before game time. Managers will conduct an inspection of the field to assess safety and playability. Both managers must agree to play or not play. If field prep is needed before final decision both teams must participate. Twenty minutes before game time, a decision to start play or not is required from managers. Once the umpire has conducted the pre-game meeting with managers, the umpire has final jurisdiction whether the game continues, is suspended or stopped . Umpire will be paid for showing at the field no matter if the game is played or not.

All non-usage of scheduled fields needs to be reported by HOME manager to: [email protected]
Field Rainout Notification via email register at: www

SCHOOL DISTRICT GAMES – If a public or private school is scheduled and using the field for a scheduled GAME- not practice, they have priority to finish their game. If they are using the scheduled field for a practice they must exit at or before your scheduled start time .

FIELD LIGHTING –Light problems call 1 (855) 330-8400. If the Parks Dept. has determined that your field is a ‘Rain Out’ no lights will operate that evening.

FIELD PREPDay of game the HOME team is responsible for field prep. Showing up at least 45 minutes prior to game start (Non-rainout days). Tools and field products will be stocked in the Parks Dept. field box; all Parks Dept. tools will be marked with yellow tape and MUST be returned to the Parks box after use. Combination #2396. A key to the Parks box will be in the NESLL equipment box Combination #9810. All umpire gear will be in NESLL box. Field prep will consist of raking the dirt infield, applying caulk foul lines, raking of pitcher’s mound, removing holes or voids, installing ‘break away’ bases.

Use of Infield Drying Agent/Soil Conditioner (each box has instruction sheet for product usage) -1.This product is not intended to fill holes. 2. Remove any standing water with bucket and pump- DO NOT scrape wet soils away or throw against fences, it “‘!UIju st create a deeper hole. 3. Sprinkle wet area lightly with product. 4. Rake product into wet soil. 5. Work area until soil becomes playable. 6. Rake or drag area to uniform layer.

Day of game AWAY team is responsible for after game cleaning the field, stands and dugouts, making sure all tools, break-away bases put away and Park bases be re-installed on field and other materials are stored in proper equipment box and LOCKED.

Please email [email protected] if you have any concerns, questions, or comments about our fields and equipment.

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