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Picture Day & Hit-A-Thon


NESLL’s Picture Day and Hit-a-Thon will be held on Sunday, April 29, 2018.

Your team was assigned a specific time to show up for your individual and team photos.  Please show up 15 minutes prior to the Laurelhurst fields on Sunday and have your young player in uniform and ready for the photo shoot.

NESLL players ask friends and relatives to pledge donations to be paid on a “per foot” basis for the total distance a ball is hit.  Each player immediately after having their picture taken at Laurelhurst Field- hit three balls off a tee.  Taking the distance of the longest hit (including the roll) and multiplying it by the pledge amount to get the amount of each donation. Example: a ball that travels 100 feet (distance) x $.05 (pledge) = $5.00 (donation).

We are offering two ways for you to make a pledge to Hit-A-Thon.  99-Pledges is an online system that allows you to directly make an electronic pledge and payment for your child!  The link is easy to pass on and you can share this with your friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more!

99 Pledges

We also have a form that you can download and print.  Click on this link to get the Hit-a-Thon 2017 PLEDGE FORM

The generous donations received from our annual Hit-A-Thon pledges not only allow us to keep our registration costs to you at a bare minimum compared to other leagues, the funds are used for many League improvements.  These improvements include, but are not limited to, the complete rebuilding of the Upper View Ridge playing field, complete upgrade of the Sandpoint East field, various field enhancement projects, uniforms, coaching and player development, new equipment, and a lot of other cool things that most leagues in our District just don’t have, or get to have for our NESLL family.

We try not to ask too much of our NESLL family, but your generous donations through our Hit-A-Thon program is what makes NESLL a truly unique and outstanding Little League baseball program.

Please support NESLL now and in the future with a generous donation in Hit-A-Thon!  Pass the word to all of your family members, friends, neighbors, and all of social media.

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